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We offer quality refurbished and new bikes for sale, as well as provide expert repair and maintenence services on all kinds of bikes. 

Why Buy From Us?

At The Common Wheel, we believe bikes and biking can be transformational. That’s why the core of what we do is provide education, access, and inspiration to help as many people as possible adopt biking in their everyday lives. Every dollar we make by providing sales and service to our amazing customers directly supports and increases the impact of our programs. 

Maintenance & Repairs

From simply fixing a flat tire, to adjusting your brakes, or giving your bike a complete overhaul, our experienced mechanics and technicians have you covered. 

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New & Refurbished Bikes

We stock some of the coolest bicycle brands, including All-City, Surly, State, and Wethepeople, and offer a range of quality, affordable refurbished bikes. 

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The Common Wheel is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We rely on the generosity of the community we serve to better the community as a whole through the power of bikes. Any and all donations that directly support our mission are tax deductible, and we can always provide you with the correct documentation.

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