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We offer quality new and used bikes for sale in Downtown Lancaster. Proceeds from our sales and expert maintenance services benefit our nonprofit programming in the community.

New Bikes

The Common Wheel is known for helping riders find bikes that are beautiful to look at and fun to pedal. Want a bike that sips espresso, glides on rail trails, and lights up Instagram with style? We speak your language. Want a bike that eats pavement, spits gravel, and howls at the moon? We speak that language, too!

Here are a few of the bicycle categories and brands you will find at The Common Wheel.

Rail Trail and Recreation
Our town bikes from Marin, and Raleigh are popular for rail trail rides and trips to market, with multiple attachment points for racks, packs, and water bottles.

Urban commuters and world travelers appreciate the reliability of steel bikes from All-City, Surly, and Marin. Those who travel from Lancaster to Philly by train may benefit from a folding bike from Dahon. We also are able to order electric bikes from Raleigh and Surly to get you where you need to go for those tougher and longer trips.

Gravel and Road Race
Got a need for speed? Discover your potential on our gravel race bikes from Marin. If tarmac is your thing, come lay down the watts on a road race bike from Bianchi.

Serious mountain bikers have plenty of hardtail and full squish options from Marin. California style with fantastic components. 

If you’re looking for a new neighborhood, BMX or wheelie bike, check out our selection of bikes from Raleigh and Redline. Our large selection of youth bikes includes Strider balance bikes, the perfect way to teach a child to ride (science says so!).

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help you find the bike that’s right for you. No pressure. Come say hello and learn more about our mission and why buying a bike from The Common Wheel puts your dollars where they count.

New bikes are only available at our Bike Shop:

324 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Used Bikes

Buying a cheap, new bike from a big box store like Walmart might be tempting, but those kinds of low-quality bikes can wear out quickly, and are often not worth repairing. When you buy a refurbished bike from The Common Wheel, you’re not only getting a good deal and supporting our community-focused programs, but you’re getting a better quality bike too.

Used bikes can be purchased at our King Street Bicycle Co-Op.

If you have a bike that you no longer need, consider donating it to The Common Wheel to be refurbished for our bike shop or our community programs.

Donate A Bike

Why Buy From Us?

At The Common Wheel, we believe bikes and biking can be transformational. That’s why the core of what we do is provide education, access, and inspiration to help as many people as possible adopt biking in their everyday lives. Every dollar we make by providing sales and service to our amazing customers directly supports and increases the impact of our programs. 

Maintenance & Repairs

From simply fixing a flat tire, to adjusting your brakes, or giving your bike a complete overhaul, our experienced mechanics and technicians have you covered. 

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Co-Op Membership

Enjoy a FREE month as a member of The Pumphouse Crew when you buy a new bike from The Common Wheel. Perform your own repairs at our Bicycle Co-Op with access to tools, discounts on parts, and helpful advice from our skilled technicians.

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