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Our Earn-a-Bike program gives students ages 12-17 the chance to fix up and earn a bike they can call their own, while also receiving training in bicycle assembly, maintenance, and safety.

Participation in this after-school program offers students the chance to learn the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance through supervised, hands-on assembly of their very own bike. The program includes road safety instruction in addition to assembly and maintenance education, so graduates are fully prepared to take their newly earned bikes home and operate them safely and responsibly. After completing the course, Earn-a-Bike graduates become eligible to volunteer at future sessions of the program.

All programs are held at our Community Center:

701 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

We first met Boni when he signed up for our Earn-a-Bike class. Now, Boni is an employee apprentice. He is learning valuable skills while earning a paycheck (and opening his first bank account!).

The Common Wheel Staff

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Program Outcomes

  1. Students get to keep the donated bike they fix up during the course of this program.
  2. In addition bike-specific skills, students are exposed to valuable STEM skills in hands-on applications, giving them insight into potential future career options.
  3. Finally, students build character. They gain confidence, feel a sense of accomplishment, and have satisfaction of knowing they are self-sufficient and independent.
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This program wouldn’t be possible without generous donations from people in our community, people like you. Have a bike you don’t use anymore? Want to help others adopt biking in their everyday lives? Spread the love and donate today!

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All donations are tax deductible.

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