Get Involved Bike Drives

We always welcome old (or new!) bikes that need a new home, and we are excited to get them back on the road! Rescuing bikes from garages, basements, and attics allows us to provide rehabilitated transportation options to those in need in the Lancaster community.

1. Plan the Drive Day

We suggest a weekend bike drive event during the warmer months. Offering a 3-5 hour window of drop off time provides flexibility for people with donations and will allow you to maximize your drive. If possible, hold the drive at a school, business, community center, police station or other easily recognizable location. When considering the number of volunteers needed for your drive, you might consider who could greet and direct people with donations, who could accept and organize donated bikes, and who will load and transport the donations.

2. Spread the Word

Design a straightforward flyer that you can post on social media and send via email to family, friends, and coworkers. Be sure to share our donation parameters, and how vital bicycle donations are for the community and The Common Wheel. Please contact us for a template for the flyer.

3. The Big Day

Consider creating signs to direct people to the drive and drop off area. It’s helpful to plan how you might direct vehicles for safety as well as what will help make transporting the donated bikes easiest at the conclusion of the event. All donations are tax-deductible, and we will provide you with tax donation receipts for your drive.

4. Transporting Bicycle Donations

If at all possible, we greatly appreciate you transporting the bikes to The Common Wheel at 701 East King Street in Lancaster City; by transporting the bike donations, you allow us to put more energy into rehabilitating bikes and enhancing our programs. Conveniently, we have a small driveway off of East King Street or a larger parking lot behind our building off of East Orange Street. If you are unable to transport your donation, we are able to help with some notice. Please contact in advance of your event for help with transportation.

5. Celebrate your Successful Contribution to the Community!

Thank you for helping us to change lives through the power of bikes!

Please contact if you have questions or need assistance planning your bike drive! We are happy to help!

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The Common Wheel is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We rely on the generosity of the community we serve to better the community as a whole through the power of bikes. Any and all donations that directly support our mission are tax deductible, and we can always provide you with the correct documentation.

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