Sheldon Thorpe on Why He Volunteers

“I’m a 56-year-old cyclist, avidly on my bike 3-4 hours a week. My first introduction to The Common Wheel was when I donated a bike or two, then my daughter Savannah called from the Mayann Caldwell Holiday Bike Drive — so we wrote a check or two, too.
One Saturday, I picked up Savannah — we went to the Queen Street Shop and then went over to The Pumphouse by Reservoir Park. I met the guys and learned about the programming side of things. Watching the kids in and out of the shop, and seeing how helpful the staff was in letting them work on the bikes, solidified my passion for the mission. I was able to get a sense of the value that the community finds in the Pumphouse, first-hand.
As somebody who lives in Northern Lancaster County, it never would have occurred to me to travel Downtown to travel to a bike shop (retail, co-op, or otherwise). I’m glad I was introduced and think everyone should check out the location to get a feel for what The Common Wheel brings to the community.”
– Sheldon Thorpe is an avid cyclist who lives in Northern Lancaster County
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