Our Earn-A-Bike program provides Lancaster’s youth the opportunity to earn a bike they’ve built themselves! Participation in this after-school program will offer kids the chance to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance through supervised, hands-on assembly of their very own donated bike. The program will include road safety instruction in addition to assembly and maintenance education, so graduates are fully prepared to take their newly earned bikes home and continue to operate them safely for years to come. Earn-A-Bike graduates will become eligible to volunteer at future sessions of the program and at Supervised Self Service Sessions, and to make use of shop amenities during scheduled hours. As we grow, we hope to draw from our pool of graduates to staff our community bike shop.

Anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 is eligible for these classes.

Sign up here:

Online Application

Printable Application

Please email the completed application to Matthew Mendez, or drop it off at the shop to learn about upcoming sessions.