Donate by Mail

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The Common Wheel

701 East King Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

The Common Wheel is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

The Common Wheel relies on the generosity of the community we serve to better the community as a whole through the power of bikes.  Any and all donations that directly support our mission are tax deductible, and we can always provide you with the correct documentation.

In Kind

The Common Wheel relies heavily on the generosity of the community we serve. We know there are a lot of forgotten-about bikes out there, as well as associated equipment like pumps, tools, and spare parts. The Common Wheel encourages donations and accepts them gratefully; many of our programs, such as the kids’ Earn-a-Bike program, would not be possible without the generous donations from the community. Got a bike you don’t use anymore? Have your kids outgrown an old bike that is no longer needed? Spread the love and donate today!


We have successfully transformed an old, abandoned pump house in Reservoir Park into a community bike center where kids and adults can learn the basic maintenance and riding skills necessary to make biking a part of their everyday lives.

We need your help to continue serving the community!  Donations will go towards running our programs and towards our operating expenses.  Every dollar counts!

Sponsor a child for an Earn-A-Bike Class:

$150 – 24 hours of hands-on instruction, lock, helmet, t-shirt, a bike re-built with their own hands and a boatload of new skills and confidence

$1200 – Sponsor an entire class