Where does your donation go?

    • To our Earn-a-Bike program, where kids 12 -17 years old learn how to completely overhaul a donated bike, maintain said bike, and learn how to ride it safely. Kids leave with their refurbished bike, a helmet, a lock, a t-shirt, valuable STEM skills, and mounds of confidence!
    • To our Bikes for All program, which serves refugees and adults in need of affordable and reliable transportation, but who are too old to qualify for our Earn-a-Bike program.
    • To our Holiday Bike Drive, where we give away over 200 kid’s bikes to children in need, providing parents with a reprieve around the stressful, expensive holidays.
    • To our Shop, where we sell refurbished bikes.

What can you donate, and when?

We will take bicycles that are in ridable, and/or nearly ridable condition any time during our open hours.  Donated bicycles should meet the criteria listed below.

Newer model bikes with all major parts, including two good/straight wheels, handlebars, seat post, cranks and fork. Flat tires are fine.

    • Older model bikes that have been stored indoors.
    • Bike parts with all hardware included.
    • Bike tools, stands etc.
    • New parts or components (prefer in the box, include all hardware).
    • New bikes.
    • Bike accessories with hardware.

Unfortunately, we cannot take rusted bikes, parts, or components as they can not be used to support our mission.  For a fee of $10 per bicycle, we will happily handle the recycling of any unusable bicycles for you.

The left column illustrates good, usable conditions, while the right shows conditions that are unusable for our purposes.

clean and rust free

rusty and corroded

slick, pliable and smooth

corroded and cracked

clean and rust free

corroded and rusted