The Maryann Caldwell Holiday Bike Drive

Because nothing really beats the sight of a child’s face lighting up when they first put eyes on their very own bicycle.

Each year, we collect hundreds of bikes, spend thousands of hours refurbishing them, and then, give them away to children in need during the holiday season.

Program Outcomes

  1. In 2015, our first Holiday Bike Drive, we gave away 60 kids’ bikes through five different partner organizations.
  2. In 2016, we refurbished 200+ kids’ bikes in just three months, and distributed them to kids’ from the School District of Lancaster.
  3. For the past three years, dozens of volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours helping us refurbish bikes for the Holiday Bike Drive.
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This program wouldn’t be possible without generous donations from people in our community, people like you. Have a bike you don’t use anymore? Want to help others adopt biking in their everyday lives? Spread the love and donate today!

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All donations are tax deductible.

Bike Shop

324 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

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Sunday 10AM-4PM
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Bicycle Co-Op

701 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

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Tuesday 2 PM - 6 PM
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Wednesday Youth Bike Workshop
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Wednesday Volunteer Drop-In Night
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Most Fridays Salvage Sale
2 PM - 3 PM
Most Fridays Demolition Day
3 PM - 5 PM



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The Common Wheel is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We rely on the generosity of the community we serve to better the community as a whole through the power of bikes. Any and all donations that directly support our mission are tax deductible, and we can always provide you with the correct documentation.

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