Authorized Dealer Surly

Surly builds steel bike packing and touring bicycles that are field serviceable and ready for the long haul! 

The last thing a commuter or long-distance bikepacker wants to worry about is their bicycle. Surly builds beefy bikes out of steel that are designed to be as reliable and functional as possible. With durable construction and multiple mounting points for racks and accessories, Surly frames are meant to be used hard for hauling. The Common Wheel has chosen Surly as a partner because there are situations where durability is more important than weight and speed.

Visit our Queen Street shop for a test ride:

324 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

We were headed into the desert for six weeks with fully loaded bikes. I was not willing to trust aluminum or carbon for the journey. When the aluminum frames of both of my travel companions failed, I was happy to be on a Surly.

Sheldon Weaver

Baja Divide Bikepacker

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