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Raleigh bikes provide Lancaster residents with affordable options for bicycle commuting and rail trail use. The full line of Raleigh bicycles, including youth bikes, is available for sale through our Queen Street shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
The Raleigh Bicycle Company is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. From humble beginnings in Nottingham, England, they grew to become one of the largest bicycles manufacturers in the world. At The Common Wheel, we regularly service Raleigh bikes that are 10, 20, or 30+ years old and still running strong. Raleigh has maintained their quality and reputation through the years with a current focus on building practical bikes for everyday recreational riders and commuters. Raleigh bikes are produced in large volume with minimal color options, allowing the global company to provide exceptional value and functionality at attractive prices. The Common Wheel has chosen Raleigh as a partner for their commitment to producing quality affordable bikes that are in stock and ready to buy. If we don’t already have the Raleigh bike that you want on our showroom floor, we will be happy to place an expedited order on your behalf.
Visit our Queen Street shop for a test ride:

324 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Raleigh is a household brand that we all grew up with. To this day, they produce a full lineup of grab and go bikes – reliable machines designed to get you from A to B without breaking the bank.
Ted Houser

Director of Operations, The Common Wheel

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