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Maryann Caldwell Holiday Bike Drive

December 15 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Want to volunteer for the drive? Check out the link below.

*You MUST sign up to volunteer.
*Bikes are only available for kids who have been identified by the designated school official from their school.
*There are still opportunities to sponsor a kid’s bike!

Questions? Want to sponsor a bike? Email for more information.

Bike Shop

324 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Tuesday - Friday 11AM-7PM
Saturday 10AM-4PM
Sunday 10AM-4PM
1st & 3rd Friday



Closed Mondays


Community Center

701 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

Tuesday 2PM-6PM
Wednesday Programs Only
Thursday 2PM-6PM
Saturday 11AM-3PM


Closed Sun, Mon & Fri


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